Poetry comparisons

An English line of seven syllables would take only about two seconds and sound very short indeed; an English line of five syllables, only about one and a half seconds, would sound like only a fragment of a line.

Conventional subject matter of the Elizabethan sonnet concerned love, beauty, and faith. Above the wild path, black clouds fill the air, The boat-lamp on the flood the only glow; At dawn you see Poetry comparisons mounds of crimson where The heavy flowers of Chengdu hang down low.

But the Chinese were masters of the art of natural description, raising words to the status of paint Poetry comparisons the evocation of landscape and weather. And so this tale is not a prediction, But has its foundation firmly in fiction.

The poet is asserting that divine comparisons are not relevant, for his beloved is beautiful without being a goddess. Our translation work was mostly face-to-face.

Found poetry

That I might touch! The party was going exceptionally well, Though Marissa was pregnant, as everyone knew. Comparison between Byron and me on Francesca I was pushed to write this comparison after reading the poem on Byron by the souper poet Gary Bateman.

If haires be wiers,black wiers grow on her head: This process resembles the cosmological speculations of modern science. The Chinese intuited the basic principles of chaos and complexity theory, which underlie all these processes, long before the West did.

If hairs be wires - hair was often compared to golden wires or threads, as in the sonnet by Bartholomew Griffin given above. It is at once achingly fresh and evocative, and classically sophisticated; perhaps the only Western analogy might be the work of the early Greek lyric poets—now mostly lost—and their great Roman followers, Horace and Virgil.

A pure and refined poetic vocabulary was hammered out, which was capable of an extraordinary range of delicate nuance, detailed observation, and emotional power. I do love receiving poetry postcards!

Myths and Legends

For her own person, It beggar'd all description: This moment of emergence is also the point of branching or bifurcation, in which a new kind of entity is precipitated out of some far-from-equilibrium crisis, a turbulence that the old system has encountered in its temporal exploration of the information space.

It deepens like a coastal shelf.

Shakespeare's Poetry

These poems were selected from the huge body of classical Tang poetry by my collaborator, a Chinese scholar of distinction who chooses, against my wishes but with characteristic Chinese modesty, to remain anonymous.

The ethics and religion of the scholar-poet-administrator were fundamentally Confucian. Or they would sit in a boat at night while the stars wheeled above them in the black sky, and meditate upon their own insignificance.In the summer ofan episodic outbreak of the plague swept through London.

Theatres were among the public gathering places to be shut down. William Shakespeare decided to stay in London rather than follow a theatrical company on tour. With a deftness of touch that takes away any sting that might otherwise arise from implied criticism of other sonneteers, the poet satirises the tradition of comparing one's beloved to all things beautiful under the sun, and to things divine and immortal as well.

The Colossus. William Heinemann Limited first published The Colossus on 31 October The Colossus was first published by Faber and Faber Limited in 23 February It first appeared in Faber paperbacks inwas reprinted in, and In these poems, you can see where I have compared different things.

In some, you may notice just a brief comparison.

Ruthie Foster

In others, you may see. Ruthie Foster. Described by Rolling Stone as “pure magic to watch and hear,” with a naturally expressive voice that has drawn comparisons to greats like Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald, Texas-based singer and songwriter Ruthie Foster has a wide palette of American song forms -- gospel and blues to jazz, folk, and soul -- and her live performances are powerfully transfiguring.

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Poetry comparisons
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